lovers touch. 

(Toronto) - unsigned 

Lovers Touch is a band born and raised on Salt Spring Island to bring you their rock, roll, and dance tunes. - Inspired by dad music.


Credit where it’s due: Falsetto is hard to pull off without sounding like a whiny middle schooler, but on “Found a Friend,” the highlight from Something Songs by Lovers Touch, it’s super effective, and makes for a light and comforting three minutes. Elsewhere, the group continues to vibe out, like a beach-going Neil Young (no, we don’t mean On The Beach).

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Hailing from British Columbia, Lovers Touch play some fantastic, smooth as silk folk rock. Supposedly “inspired by dad music,” their brand of soft, detailed soul/folk is actually incredibly youthful and earnest. “Found a Friend” is effervescent, almost innocent in its sense of wonder and play. Throughout all of Something Songs, the numbers are subtle and mellow, as the playing is composed with airtight performances. You can’t help but shimmy and shake just a little bit.

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I got the chance to see these Salt Spring Island natives this past Friday night at the Burdock in downtown Toronto and boy did they rock the pants off the audience. One of their slower songs, “Found a Friend” will show you why this band “wraps you in a blanket of ecstasy so sweaty you’ll have no choice but to shake like a soggy dog.”

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If you find yourself on Lovers Touchs bandcamp page, you’ll notice they list themselves as “Inspired by dad music.” On their latest release god’s Greatest Gift, they are not afraid to show this influence. As a whole, god’s Greatest Gift sounds like the soundtrack to a house party that your Dad threw back in the day. “Dancin’ Like a Man” and “Funky Woman,” the funkier tunes on the album draws everybody into the kitchen and gets them dancing. Whereas “Tigerblood” and “Lil Sally” turn up the Creedence Clearwater Revival influence to set the groove. Beautifully lo-fi, Lovers Touch captures the 1970’s vinyl aesthetic that so perfectly fits with the overall sound of classic dad rock with a little bit of Mac Demarco and Father John Misty sprinkled on top. Bottom line, if you want to turn your next house party into a rockin’ dance party, throw this album on.

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(17’) - tell all your sad lonely friends, everybody needs a lover’s touch.